Bulletproof Coffee

Hello – Koko here. I’ll drop in and post on occasion.

The first thing I’d like to tell you to do is to start drinking Bulletproof Coffee. Don’t fuss over the shit they’re trying to sell you. These guys bother me for exactly the same reason Tim Ferriss does – but, like him, they sometimes have some good shit to pass on.

Basically it’s just a cup of good coffee with a spoonful of MCT oil (it’s like 30 bucks for a giant bottle – coconut oil will be a disaster) and a couple spoonfuls of grass-fed butter.

I grabbred some MCT oil, brought it to my favorite cafe, asked them for a side of butter, and just threw it all together – you can do this anywhere and it gives you a not insignificant boost in energy and focus.

Since I actually had some work to smash today, I paired this brew with some obnoxious dubstep blaring in my headphones and I’ve been flying all day.


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